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We do more than supplying natural stones, we have new machines and technologies like CNC stone and Waterjet cutting machines to produce staircase, table, chair, staff for the kitchen and bathroom, fireplace, and what you need with stone.
We offer a wide range of services

  • Advice to select the right stone
  • Expert consultancy
  • Custom-made design
  • Planning, installation, and maintenance.
  • Produce fireplace, table, bar, and kitchen equipment, staircase


Stone is a natural, beautiful, durable, and long-lasting material for outdoor such as in the gardens, patio, street, swimming pool, balcony, etc.

Street furniture with granite is a luxurious material, durable and weatherproof is an alternative suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces, such as benches for parks, streets, garden fountains, flowerpot, round picnic table with integrated benches, outdoor fire-place, etc.

Columns and Balusters

You can find columns on museums, houses, city buildings, banks, colleges, and mansions as a symbol of magnificence and prosperity.
Architectural columns have traditionally a dual role, adding both structural support to front porch overhangs and creating a distinctive architectural style.
Stone balusters can be used for interior or exterior designs, they’re incredibly elegant for creating dramatic staircases, accents around a fireplace, balconies, or as supports in kitchens, it also can use in your home’s entryway.

We can design and make columns and balusters for you in any diameter or height you desire with natural stones Marble and Travertine. We also have all of the necessary equipment to install them outside or inside your home or business.


We specialize in designing and making dining, patio, kitchen, café, and restaurant tables in different shapes like rectangular, oval, etc. with durable natural marble, granite, travertine, and onyx stones.

There are advantages and disadvantages of every stone for use in different parts of your house, café, restaurant, etc. For example, Granite is a durable and strong stone that can be the best choice for the kitchen and patio table. And Marble tables are a luxury and elegant choice for dining, Console, Sofa, and work Tables. Our team can give the advice to choose the right stone and style for your place.


A well-designed kitchen with the style you love may inspire your passion and creativity in cooking. Therefore, it is a huge decision to choose the best material, especially for the countertop that is a significant part of your kitchen. Resistance, beauty, and durability of natural stones such as granite may be important factors when you are looking at different options.

Natural stones’ beauty, hardness, and easy maintenance are perfect qualities for any worktop surface, backsplash, kitchen wall, and also a dining table to create a combination of warmth and texture.


Stone staircases are beautiful ways to set any place off from the rest
Our stone specialists design and create beautiful staircases and give the advice to choose the right stone and style for your place according to where do you want to install them for interior or exterior.
Whether you want a classic traditional style or an ultra-modern look, natural stone can deliver a beautiful, long-lasting stairway to enhance your home.

The Granite staircases can be used both outside and inside the premises. They are tamperproof. Stairs made of granite do not require additional care and will remain the same in all climatic conditions.

The Marble staircases are also strong and durable, but mostly suitable for indoor use. In addition to this, marble steps require special care. If treated with special fluids marble steps will last a long period of time and will preserve an attractive finish.

The Travertine staircase is very durable against heat, then it is a good idea to use it for exterior decorations. In addition, it is cheaper than other stones.


Natural stones are a perfect idea that can style your bathroom. Marble, granite, onyx, or travertine will bring beauty, durability, and resistance to your countertops, walls, or floors. In addition, choosing natural stone you will give greater economic value to your bathroom than other types of flooring.

Granite is the most durable natural stone than marble and Travertine and requiring the least amount of maintenance. Marble and Travertine are sensitive to acids, therefore beauty care products in the bathroom can be a concern.


Natural stone fireplaces are aesthetic, durability, eco-friendly, heat-resistant, and add value that can greatly enhance any home’s design aesthetic. The Stone fireplace not only makes your space feel warm and extremely comfortable but also can make the whole family gather too.

The Granite is one of the most durable on the market and is very easy to keep clean. It is also heat resistant and a popular choice for wood-burning fireplaces.

The Marble gives a modern, bright, and sleek look to your fireplace. However, marble does require more maintenance than most natural stone. If it is properly cared for, marble can last a long time. It can be used for any type of fireplace and can become a focal point in the living room. Similar to granite, it can either be polished or left unpolished.

The Travertine is a very flexible stone and can be installed as stacked bricks for a more Architecture look. It can also be carved for an older look. Travertine wears like marble which makes it extra sensitive to stains and scratches. It should also only be used on electric and gas fireplaces.

The Decorative stones are cost-effective and incredibly easy to install. In addition to that, they bring beauty to your place with natural stone colors that vary naturally, which is what makes it an authentic material.


We have natural stones like decorative, onyx, marble, granite, and travertine with a wide range of textures and colors. They are completely natural and has an expressive, self-sufficient aesthetics.
You can use stonewall both inside and outside of your place. They’re incredibly elegant for fireplace, TV, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc.
They are not only high resistance and durability wherever you place it, but also they provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The Marble is the most attractive flooring if you desire an ambience of both luxury and antiquity with having timeless and durable natural beauty and timeless elegance. Granite is a highly durable and strong natural stone and that has resistance to high temperatures and resistant to moisture or water accumulation. Then it is a good choice out outdoor flooring.

The Travertine has naturally non-slippery texture which makes the ideal choice to be installed in swimming pools, bathrooms, showers floors, and on pool decks and also durable against heat that makes it an excellent option for outside.


Natural stone is a basic building material used for facades from hundreds of years ago. It has a long life, is stable in value, and requires little maintenance over time.

The natural stone façades harmonies especially well with the surrounding historical architectural substance.
The best materials for stone facades are granite, travertine, and decorative stones. Granite is the hardest-wearing natural product on the market and that is why it is widely used for exterior walls.

Beno Stone offers an international standard of natural stones such as Marble, Granite, Travertine, Decorative and Onyx in different sizes and colors

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